“Não tem que” (Don’t have to) by Arnaldo Antunes

Screen capture of “Não tem que” (Don’t have to) by Arnaldo Antunes. The photos comprise the image. The first one has the title of the work against a black background. The middle one is the Portuguese word "tem" illuminated. And the third one is the Portuguese word "que" in a mustard-like color and black.
Open “Não tem que” by Arnaldo Antunes.

Performed by the Brazilian musician, poet and multimedia artist Arnaldo Antunes, “Não tem que” (Don’t have to)  is a video poem composed of photographic images synchronized to voice and song. It is part of a transmedia project titled Nome (“Name”) released in book, CD, and VHS in 1993, and remastered and reissued in CD and DVD in 2006. Nome consists of 30 multimedia works that are situated between songs and poems. Despite not having been developed exclusively for the digital medium, it was composed ​​and designed with animation, audio editing, image and video digital techniques.

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